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If you would like to support the work of MND Queensland we encourage you to join as a Member.

Our aim is to support people in Queensland with Motor Neurone Disease, their families and carers in every way possible.

As a member of MND Queensland you are demonstrating your ongoing support of the aims and objectives of the Association. You will count as part of our number so we can be a strong voice to Government in advocacy about equitable access to quality services for Queenslanders who live with MND.

It’s also a great way to stay connected with others within the MND community and receive invitations and discounts for special events.

You will also be kept up-to-date with research, our activities and impact relating to enhancing the lives of those with MND through our newsletters, and you have the right to participate in Association decision-making and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership Renewals & Applications

Membership is $25 (including GST) per year. For Queenslanders with MND, or suspected MND, there is no annual membership fee. For nominated informal carers, MNDAQ will cover the first year membership fee.

online membership portal 

Membership Renewals

For membership renewal, it's as easy as going to our online membership portal and entering your details or telephoning the office to speak with Sonia on 07 3372 9004, who can check we have your correct details, preferred method of communication and update all the necessary information on your behalf. Alternatively, a Membership Renewal form can be completed and returned by post or emailed to info@mndaq.org.au

Membership Applications

To join as a Member you need to complete the Membership Application form and pay the membership fee (if applicable).  You can do this online via our membership portal or by printing out the form and returning it. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

If you choose to complete the manual membership application or renewal form, when making payment please use your name as the reference. 

Membership Application Form.pdf

Once paid, please forward your paperwork to:

MND Queensland
PO Box 470

Or email it to

Make a donation

MND Queensland greatly values all sized contributions to our mission of maintaining services to all Queenslanders living with MND and providing support to family members and carers.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation with your Membership Application. All donations $2+ are tax deductible. 

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