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Equipment Repair Service

MND Queensland has launched an Equipment Repair Service. This service means that we’ll be able to keep our own equipment in top shape to make available to Queensland’s MND community and we've also opened the service up to people with MND who need their own private equipment serviced or repaired as we know that it can be difficult to find timely repair services to help service disability equipment.

We have a fully kitted-out workshop as well as a 3-D printer to manufacture spare parts ourselves and also create customised pieces e.g. wheelchair joysticks.

If you’d like to access our Equipment Repair Service contact us by calling 1800 777 175 or email equipment@mndaq.org.au.

Click here to find out more about our Equipment Hire Service. 

MND Queensland equipment repair service and equipment hire including free equipment like wheelchairs for people with Motor Neurone Disease