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MND Queensland is committed to supporting and maintaining the quality of life for all people with MND. Growing awareness and understanding of MND is a key priority. Helpful information can be found on our website.

Our workshops include:

Newly Diagnosed Workshop

Develop a better understanding of MND and the services and support available. The Educational workshop will provide key information about MND, symptom management, interventions and an overview of the services and support available.

Living Well with MND

The Live Well workshop provides key information for clients and carers about ways to live better for longer. It involves a look at multidisciplinary care, swallowing and nutrition, supporting sex and intimacy and self-care impacts on mental health.

Manual Handling Training

Correct manual handling is essential to safely move or support someone who may have difficulty with moving due to their MND.


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If you would like to arrange a bespoke education session for your staff by calling us on 07 3372 9004 or emailing info@mndaq.org.au.