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About MND Queensland

As a leading organisation wholly focused on supporting people living with MND — and their families, friends and carers — MND Queensland offers understanding and practical assistance by delivering information, education and specialist support services.

We form part of MND Australia — the national peak body of state organisations that support those living with and impacted by MND. This extensive network allows us to increase understanding of the disease, advocate for those affected and fund world-class research.

Our Vision

A world free of Motor Neurone Disease.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure access to best practice care and support for every Queenslander impacted by MND and contribute to finding a cure.

Our Work

MND Queensland is committed to supporting and maintaining the quality of life for all people living with MND within Queensland.

To do this we run an MND Advisory Service that provides essential information and advice to families, health professionals and the general public and referrals to appropriate medical, health and community services.

Clients have access to a pool of hire equipment to help them to remain comfortable and as independent as possible within their own homes. Some examples of the equipment available to people with MND include: manual and powered wheelchairs; hoists; lift recliners; shower chairs; hospital beds; communication devices, cough assist machines, suction units and much more.

Carer support is also vital as the needs and health of the primary care-giver are important. Regular contact with our MND Advisors and other carers (through support group meetings) allows people caring for people living with MND to share experiences, learn from each other, and offer a great source of information and support.

MND Queensland also offers NDIS Support Coordination for those who qualify for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and this can save people impacted by MND from navigating the complexities of support services available to them by engaging one of our expert team to help manage their support services.

Expert Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy Services have been introduced to meet the demand for these types of services in Queensland.

Our OTs can assist with advice on home modifications, prescribing appropriate equipment and advice on daily living.

A part of the Speech Therapy Service is our Voice Banking Clinic which helps preserve a person with MND’s voice so that they can continue to speak with their own unique voice with the use of assistive technology should they lose the ability to speak.

Everyone has a story and MND Queensland’s Life Stories Program captures the unique life stories of people with MND and these are compiled into book format along with photos. This helps the families capture their loved ones’ most precious memories and it’s also therapeutic for the person with MND.

Regular support meetings for people with MND, their carers, family members and friends, and our newsletter The Cornflower are just some of the ways in which we support the whole family through their journey with MND.

We also support research efforts to find the cause of MND and a cure, or at least in the meantime more effective treatments to extend lives and improve quality of life for people with an MND diagnosis.

Our Cornflower

The cornflower is the international symbol of hope for Motor Neurone Disease. It was chosen because it represents courage... it can withstand drought and frost, and its rich blue colour never fades, no matter what pressure it’s under.

The cornflower is the symbol of hope - hope for finding the cause; hope for development of treatments, and for a cure.

The cornflower represents positive hope for the future—a future without MND.