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Voice Banking Clinic

The nature of MND means that sadly most people with a diagnosis will likely experience some level of speech deterioration if not complete loss of speech. Voice banking is a useful tool that allows a person with MND to capture a synthetic version of their own voice before speech loss. If the ability to communicate using speech is no longer available to a person with MND, they can continue to communicate using their personalised synthetic voice on one or more hi-tech alternative and augmentative communication devices e.g. a tablet, phone, eye-gaze device or Neuronode Trilogy.

MND Queensland's voice banking process involves recording one's voice using the Acapela Group's 'My-Own-Voice' (MOV) voice banking software. With the MOV program, the time to complete voice banking will be less than one hour! Voice banking can be conducted from MND Queensland's Oxley office, or in the comfort of your own home with the assistance of our volunteers. We encourage your treating speech pathologist to attend your voice banking session.

People with MND are urged to engage with a speech pathologist as soon as possible after diagnosis as your speech pathologist can assist you through the voice banking process and provision of management strategies to assist with deteriorating speech and swallowing. Click here to find our more about MND Queensland's Speech Pathology Service.

This is a free service available to our client members. For more information about becoming a member please click here.

Below is a short promotional video we created with the help of late rugby league star Carl Webb to help promote this service.

If you would like to access this free service, please complete the form below or call us on 1800 777 175 or email info@mndaq.org.au.

Our sincere thanks go to our kind donors and ALC Training who have sponsored this service.