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Strategic plan

Strategic Plan: 2020 - 2023


Enriched connection between MNDAQ staff, clients, carers, regional health professionals and service providers, researchers other MND organisations and volunteers, including the Management Committee.

Key activities:

  • Member, client and supporter Reference Groups
  • Member benefits and value proposition
  • Professional communities of practice
  • Social events
  • Sharing client stories
  • Supporter-driven fundraising
  • Volunteer engagement and recognition program
  • Using technology for greater outreach
  • Community-driven feedback and innovation


Greater education about MND in communities, amongst politicians, aged care providers and for clients and carers using advocacy and knowledge of best practice and research developments in models of care and assistive technology.

Key activities:

  • Educational workshops and events in communities (e.g. latest research developments; grief support)
  • Support carers and clients to learn about MND progression and assistive resources
  • Practitioner programs to foster MND expertise and professional resilience
  • Advocacy campaigns (e.g. equality for people with MND who are > 65 years)
  • Equip Aged Care Providers about MND specific needs and support practices
  • Increased engagement across the health sector

Support services

Increased support across the whole of Queensland, with greater access to consistent expert advice and specialised services, and carer/family support.

Key activities:

  • Listening to and learning from our clients, their families and carers
  • Enhanced support services across the State including coordination of services, equipment rental, health services and client advocacy
  • Develop carer/family specific supports
  • Enhance Association systems to support MND services and asset management
  • Establish nation-wide consistent information-base about MND
  • Create opportunities for shared events and community support for people living with MND, their families and carers


Broaden diversity of revenue generating opportunities and pursue funding to support clients who are > 65 years of age, with greater environmental sustainability and social impact through business choices, talent management and continuous quality improvement.

Key activities:

  • Increased visibility and uptake of funded support services
  • Valuing and developing staff
  • System enhancement with a focus on service quality, organisational efficiency and effective financial management
  • Enhanced knowledge management and innovation within MNDAQ and sharing with other State Associations
  • Developing corporate and other partnerships
  • Encouraging and supporting meaningful involvement by volunteers
  • Measurement of Association progress against impact goals
  • Planning for reduced environmental impact


Enhance organisational capacity
and capability through greater participation of our MNDAQ community, a commitment to inclusion and impeccable performance, quality and innovation targeted toward client and member need.

Key Programs:

  • Greater inclusion and participation across the Association and with people within our community
  • Systematic evaluation of strategic and operational systems including practices and capability across all levels of the organisation
  • Prioritise resourcing to support our personnel to and deliver against client and member needs
  • Adopting effective ways to share and manage information across the organisation and to our stakeholders
  • Creating clarity for everyone within MNDAQ about what’s expected and how their contributions impact the Association
  • Everyone doing their part to help MNDAQ be great to belong to

Many thanks to Designlogic for working on the creative presentations of our Strategic Plan.