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Christmas Appeal 2022

Please donate this giving season to help families impacted by Motor Neurone Disease

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This giving season, please show your generosity and give to help increase independence and mobility for people with MND. Your kind gift will also assist the families and carers of people with Motor Neurone Disease.

Below are some examples of your kind donation is invested to benefit people impacted by MND.

MND Queensland is a registered charity and all donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Please donate and help us reach our goal of raising $30,000 to continue to provide care and support when people with an MND diagnosis need us most.

For more information about our work or donating to MND Queensland, please feel free to call us on 07 3372 9004 or email info@mndaq.org.au 


My husband, best friend and soul mate Brett was just 52 when he passed away in October 2022, just 22 months after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. 

As Brett's MND progressed rapidly, so did the need for more supportive equipment. MND Queensland provided Brett with both a cough assist machine and a suction machine which were absolutely vital for Brett's care every day. Having these portable machines gave us the freedom to continue to safely enjoy outings, visit family and go fishing which for a keen fisherman was 100% essential. 

Brett lived with MND but he never allowed it to define who he was and even though MND stole so much from him, it never stole his smile, his humour or his dignity. Brett's wish was to be able to continue to live as normal as possible, at home, sleeping by his wife's side, waking to the dog giving him a morning kiss and being able to hang out with our children. 

Being able to see the kangaroos from our lounge room, fall asleep to the sound of the boobook owls hooting nearby and not another house in sight were some of the treasures we shared together living in the bush. Treasures Brett never had to give up as I cared for him solely at home and I am forever grateful for the support that MND Queensland provided for helping us make this possible.

I wish to extend an enormous thank you to the team on behalf of Brett, myself and our families and friends. Your work, devotion to those living with MND and your endless kindness and compassion really does make life simpler during such a difficult time. Keep up the wonderful work. What you do does make a difference. ❤


A year on, I’m still riding around in a power chair you approved me to have. I need to thank MNDAQ, for myself and for my family and friends.

The Roller, as it is known, gives me the most comfortable seat, the only independence, and about an hour of recreation each day, mostly spent with our dog.

It gives hope and happiness to my wife and loved ones to know there is a space where I still function, and happily.

I’m already past my ‘warranty period’ and there is no assurance for a continued slow progression. I have not engaged with MNDAQ in any other way, preferring to spend the least time preparing for the inevitable. However, every day I am grateful to the Association.

Best regards to you, your co-workers, donors and the volunteers.