How to influence government policy

Are you passionate about the rights of people with motor neurone disease (MND)? There are many ways that you can speak up to defend the rights and needs of the MND community. 


let's make the system fair for all people living with MND

Let's make the system fair for all people living with MND

The Australian Government has introduced reforms to Aged Care to give older people more choice, more control and better access to a wider range of aged care services. The crucial issue is whether people with a disability over the pension age will have access to adequate supports to meet their individual needs.

There is inequity in Government support of people in Australia living with MND. For people diagnosed with MND when under the pension age, the NDIS will provide access to reasonable and necessary supports to meet their individual needs. However, people diagnosed with MND when over 65 must rely on aged care services and facilities, which are designed to address needs related to ageing not disability.  MND is not a disease related to ageing.  Typically, people living with MND have complex and individual care needs that rapidly escalate as the disease progresses. 

We ask that Aged Care Reforms make for a fair care system for people living with rapidly progressing neurological diseases like MND.


MND Charter – five rights global campaignRight care. Right place. Right time. MND Week 2014 campaign poster

People living with motor neurone disease (MND) face many challenges but accessing the right care, in the right place, at the right time should not be one of them. 
When you join the thousands of MND Charter supporters, you’re showing that you understand and advocate for the five rights of people living with MND. Adding your name is an easy way to raise awareness and help empower people living with MND.  
You’ll also be joining the global MND community in defending the rights of people touched by MND.  It’s all about strength in numbers – the more people who take action, the louder our voice when lobbying for people living with MND. Add your name now.


Make your own submission to a government inquiry

Check our Government update page for new national inquiries that affect people living with MND or contact your state MND association to find out about current state government inquiries.

Would you like to help with influencing?

Individuals can help to shape the policies that impact people living with MND.  You can defend the rights and needs of a single person with MND; or fight to change the law, government and service provider policies and community attitude to benefit a whole group of people with MND.
Advocacy ideas:
  • Take a look at the policies and position statements supported by MND Australia
  • Raise awareness of MND and the needs of people with MND, their families and carers
  • Promote research into MND
  • Promote positive change to structure and policy, which will be of benefit to people with MND
  • Help people with MND and their family to access more resources and better care
  • Help professionals involved in providing services to people with MND and their families gain access to resources and funding
  • Help people with MND and their families to access vital support services and make services accountable ensuring there is transparency in their actions and decisions
  • Help people with MND and their families have control over their situation.

Contact us or your state MND association to talk about any aspect of advocacy.

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