Economic impact of MND

The first Deloitte Access Economics Report on the Economic analysis of motor neurone disease (MND) in Australia reveals that the total cost of MND in Australia was $2.37 billion in 2015, comprising $430.9 million in economic costs and $1.94 billion in burden of disease costs. The report, commissioned by MND Australia, was officially launched at Parliament House, Canberra on 24 February 2016
Economic cost of MND in Australia

When you receive a diagnosis of MND, money is the last thing on your mind. But along with the relentless physical and emotional effects on yourself and loved ones are the financial costs: early retirement, medical appointments, hospitalisations, treatments, equipment, wheelchair transport, personal care  ... There is support from the state MND associations and government, but it all adds up.

Kirsten Harley, MND NSW Board member living with MND

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On 24 February 2016,  MND Australia, along with State MND Associations, MPs, Senators and key representatives from research, disability and palliative care attended the report launch and morning tea hosted by Alex Hawke MP at Parliament House, Canberra.

MND NSW Board Member Kirsten Harley spoke about her experience of living with MND. 

Watch Kirsten's powerful speech 'A Strong Voice for MND'


Facts at a Glance Infographic 

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Report Citation 

The Economic analysis of motor neurone disease in Australia report was written by Deloitte Access EconomicsThe report, or any findings from the report, should be referenced as follows;

"Deloitte Access Economics 2015, Economic analysis of motor neurone disease in Australia, report for Motor Neurone Disease Australia, Deloitte Access Economics, Canberra, November."

This report was prepared solely for the use of Motor Neurone Disease Australia. It is not intended to and should not be used or relied upon by anyone else and Deloitte Access Economics accepts no duty of care to any other person or entity. The report has been prepared to raise awareness of the impacts of MND and contribute to improving policy in this area. You should not refer to or use the Deloitte Access Economics name or the advice for any other purpose. The copyright of this report belongs to Deloitte Access Economics.



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Full report – Economic analysis of MND in Australia

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Economic analysis of MND in Australia infographic

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