MND QLD Merchandise

When you buy an item from MND Queensland all profits from the sale go directly to helping MND Queensland provide services that improve the quality of life of people living with motor neurone disease and to research investigating the causes and effects of motor neurone disease.

You can help us increase awareness and raise much needed funds through buying and /or selling MND merchandise.  This is a simple, yet meaningful and fun way for individuals, schools, offices and businesses to help raise much needed awareness. 

Please contact our office on (07) 3372 9004 to make an order or complete an order form which can be downloaded by clicking here
Merchandise List  
MND Queensland Tea Towel - 100% Cotton $10.00
MND Bandana $8.00  
Pack of Blue Ball Cornflower Seeds $2.00
Calico Tote Bag $3.00
Jelly Bears (blue, hot pink and orange colours only at the moment) HURRY, VERY LIMITED STOCK! $10.00
Baxter bears (brown fur) HURRY, VERY LIMITED STOCK! $8.00
Charlie G Badge $4.00
Cornflower Mug (made in Australia) (Hurry! Limited Stock) $12.00
Puppy - Soft Plush Toys (Colours - Black & White, Black, Brown, Brown and White, Cream (fluffy ears)) $7.00
MND Cap $10.00
Socks - Ladies purple (up to size 9)  $6.00
Socks - Men's blue (from size 7) $6.00
Metal/enamel cornflower pin $5.00
Wristband (clip) $3.00
MND Keyring/Bottle-Opener $7.50
Postage & Handling is calculated on your final order
Orders up to $15 = $8.00
Orders over $15 = $12.00 etc.
Pickup order
No postage for bulk items on *consignment
*Upon application approval
MND QLD Jelly Bears