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26 June 2021

Disability Doesn't Discriminate - But the Government Does

You may be aware that the Australian Government actively discriminates against older Australians by excluding them from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). To be eligible for the NDIS a person needs to have applied before their 65th birthday. This means that anyone diagnosed with MND after that time misses out and is forced to rely on the My Aged Care system which is utterly inadequate to meet their needs. The maximum annual funding a person receiving a Home Care Package (through My Aged Care) can receive is just $52,000 a year but there is an 18-month wait for these packages so the reality is that many people have to cope with lower-level packages or no funding at all!

This results in older people with MND having to rely almost entirely on family members and friends for their care. Every day we see examples of people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s providing almost round the clock care to husbands or wives with MND. As you’d be aware, the care required by someone with MND can be considerable and is physically demanding. All too often families feel like they have no choice but to see their loved ones moved into residential aged care facilities to get the care they need.
In comparison, our data shows that a person with MND on the NDIS will get about four-times as much funding over a 12-month period. Additionally, the NDIS is not means tested but My Aged Care is, so those people who are in a position to self or partially fund their own retirement have to contribute financially to the cost of their care.
This is just wrong!
In the last few days a new campaign has been launched called ‘Disability Doesn’t Discriminate, but the Government does’. This campaign is calling on the Australian Government to bring an end to age discrimination in the NDIS. You may have seen this in the media as it appears to be getting quite a lot of attention. MND Queensland and MND Australia have signed up as supporters of this campaign and we are asking you to get behind it as well!
Please sign the petition using this link and share it far and wide.
They are also looking for stories of people who have personally experienced the impacts of this discrimination so if you have a story to share, you can either do it through their website or get in touch with Stacey on 07 3372 9004 or
This is a really important issue in our community and for everyone with a disability. We will be doing our very best to hold the Government to account and to get a fair go for all Australians and are very grateful for your support!

Watch this Ten News First story on the campaign.


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