Support Groups

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MND Queensland has introduced Online MND Support Groups via Zoom to help people continue to feel connected.

MND Queensland recognises that feeling connected to others is vital during this time where social distancing and isolation are now the norm. We've introduced online MND Support Group Meetings where you can participate via Zoom using your computer and webcam, or by telephone. Click here for more information on these Online MND Support Group Meetings.

There are different sessions available. One session is specifically for carers and is held at 1PM every fourth Tuesday and the other session for people with mnd, their family and carers is on at 11AM each Thursday.

The Online MND Support Groups have been a great success so far and we're going to be continuing this service. If you haven't received a Zoom invitation to participate, please contact us by calling 07 3372 9004 or email Leigh

Check our website's event calendar to find out when the next sessions are being held by clicking here.

To download instructions on how to join a Zoom Online MND Support Group Meeting, please click here.

Each fortnight we have an MND Online Support Group Special Presentation with a variety of guest presenters talking about different topics of interest to people impacted by MND. These sessions are very useful and educational and we've been recording them to make them available to view at any time on our YouTube channel which can be accessed by clicking here.