MND Advisors

MND Advisors 

MND Advisors are qualified health professionals with specific knowledge and experience related to MND. MND Advisors are available to support people living with MND. This support is available to:

•    People who have MND
•    Family members carers and other people close to the person living with MND
•    Health and community care providers.

MND Advisors can provide telephone support to clients, carers and families and/or visit clients in their own homes for a comprehensive assessment. All services are professional and confidential. Our services include;

•    Emotional support around new diagnosis, carer concerns and other stressors
•    Provision of information about MND and its management
•    Referral to Health Professionals and Service Providers in the local community
•    Provision of equipment and aids from the MND Association’s equipment pool
•    Advocacy
•    Liaison with other members of the health care team to ensure optimum service provision and quality of life for people living with MND.

For further information please contact us on (07) 3372 9004.