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Who can access equipment?

You are eligible to loan equipment through MND Queensland if you are a registered client of MND Queensland and live within Queensland. There is no obligation to be a Member of MND Queensland, however we must have client details and signed consent to process loans.

Equipment available
MND Queensland has a range of mobility equipment, health aids and assistive technology available. These items come in a range of sizes and with a variety of features. We currently have: 
Power wheelchairs                                                                          
Manual wheelchairs                                                                       
Pressure cushions                                                                            
Shower commodes                                                                         
Shower chairs                                                                                    
Electric beds (including mattress)
Air pressure mattresses
Floor hoists
Recliners (Single, dual and quad motors)
Regency chairs
Walking frames
Tobii eye gaze machines
Suction machines
Cough assists

We regularly receive equipment donations so if you require an item that is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your needs.

How to get equipment
Your equipment request will be processed by the Equipment Officer as soon as possible after your request is received. Please make sure that your patient is registered as a client with us, if not, please send an email to request the forms to fill in 
Delivery is subject to the return of loan agreements and payment – once these facets of the equipment process are completed, your order will be processed. 

Request forms must be completed by an appropriate allied health professional. Please complete the request form below or contact our Equipment Officer via email If you are unable to email requests, please contact our Equipment Officer on (07) 3372 9004 or 1800 777 175.

No requests will be processed until the client is registered and the relevant paperwork is completed.

There is a charge for the equipment. This is either a weekly hire fee or a one off charge to cover transportation and maintenance. The cost is determined by the particular item and the funding an individual has so please contact us to discuss the costs for each person’s particular requirements.

Which health professionals can make referral to MND Queensland?

Generally, occupational therapists make referrals around equipment that assist with everyday living activities.  This equipment frequently includes wheelchairs, beds, bathroom aids, hoists, pressure relieving items.
Speech Pathologists make referrals for communication devices such as litewriters.
Physiotherapists make referrals around items used to maintain safe mobility, seating, and transfers, such as walking frames and wheelchairs.

Why do health professionals have to make the referral to MND Queensland?
The health professional makes the referral because they have the skills and knowledge to assess the equipment needs.  This will ensure that you receive the most appropriate equipment.
Using wrong or unsuitable equipment can put you and others at risk of serious injury.

I don’t know a health professional who can refer?
If you need help in finding a health professional you can do this by contacting your General Practitioner or you can contact MND Queensland.

What happens once a referral is made?

Allocation of equipment
Once an equipment referral is received, the MND Queensland Equipment Officer will allocate the item and forward the Equipment Loan Agreement to the client involved or their advocate.   This agreement needs to be read, signed and returned to MND QLD.  MND QLD staff will consult with the referring health professional to confirm the details about the equipment required.  This helps to ensure that you receive the most suitable equipment.

All equipment items are delivered and retrieved after arrangements have been made by MND Queensland.
MND Queensland will

  • Let you know when you can expect your allocated equipment
  • Organise for the equipment company to contact you prior to delivery
  • Organise for any servicing of equipment if necessary

Items of equipment will be delivered and set up by the delivery team in most cases.  In other areas we will rely on the health care professionals to aid the clients in setting up some pieces of equipment.
Communication equipment will be sent to the speech pathologist to set up for the client and they will teach the client how to use the equipment.

MND Queensland will be responsible for contacting the Health Care professional in regards to the delivery of equipment. If necessary, we will arrange for them to come and oversee the equipment to ensure it is installed correctly and provide instructions on the correct use of the items. The health professional needs to do this because using wrong or unsuitable equipment, or even using equipment incorrectly, can put you and others at risk of serious injury.  It is also important that this is done in your home so you are familiar with any special areas of concern, for example, steps, gutters and bathroom layouts.  This also helps to identify any items which may have been damaged in transportation.

How do I return equipment?
The client, or their family, is responsible for contacting MND Queensland when an item is no longer used or required.

MND Queensland will organise for the item to be picked up.  The sooner an item of equipment is returned, the sooner it will become available for another client.  Sometimes the client or their family may be asked to post back some smaller items at their own cost, for example communication equipment.  MND Queensland meets the costs of delivery and the retrieval of large pieces of equipment.

The client, or their family, is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is cleaned and ready for pick up at the agreed time.

With communication devices, clients are asked to have available any packaging that arrived with the equipment when it was delivered if this is practicable.  It can be used for re-packaging when the item is posted back.  The item should be posted back to our PO Box address via registered post.

Drop Offs
In some circumstances, you may be able to assist us by arranging to drop off equipment by prior arrangement with MND Queensland.  This can only be done in business hours. Please DO NOT drop off equipment unless you have made arrangements to do so with us first.

To place a request, please carefully read the above information before filling out the following form: