Dear Supporters

Families like Wayne and Catherine, and Julie and Bob are struggling with the burden of coping with MND, the impact on their families, and the stress of dealing with the limitations of health systems and packages that don’t adequately provide for a high-needs, terminal condition like MND. Today I ask you to help ease the burden of these families by making a donation that will provide the vital information, support and services these deserving people really need.

Your previous support has helped hundreds of people with motor neurone disease and their families each year. This means so much and we thank you for joining us on this journey of care for some of the most deserving people in our community.

With only 6.9% of our funding coming from the government, and most of that soon to be discontinued due to the introduction of the NDIS, MND Queensland relies on the generosity of people like you so that support for people with MND is maintained.

The NDIS is rolling out across Australia and will hopefully benefit many, but it has also created a disparity for those over the age of 65 with MND who are forced to go on Aged Care Packages which don’t cater adequately for people with MND. Below you can read about Bob’s issues with having MND and being on an Aged Care Package that isn’t suitable to his needs, especially as his MND progresses.

Below you will also read about Wayne who receives assistance from MND Queensland in the form of low-cost equipment rental. This equipment provides Wayne and his family with a better quality of life and people like you have made this possible, as donations make this low-cost rental program available which lessens the burden for people with MND and their families.

Please help make the lives of people with motor neurone disease a little easier by making a donation online at or by calling us on 07 3372 9004. You can also send a cheque or money order (made out to MND Queensland) to PO Box 470, INALA QLD 4077. All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Thank you again for your past support, we truly appreciate it. Together we will continue to make life easier for those affected by this devastating disease.

Warm regards
Lisa Rayner
Chief Executive Officer
MND Queensland




  • MND ADVISORY SERVICE – Highly experienced Advisors in North Queensland, Central Queensland and South-east Queensland provide important information and advice to people diagnosed with motor neurone disease and their families via home visits, emails and telephone. Our advisors support people throughout their MND journey including information for the newly diagnosed, assistance to in navigating the health care system, all the way through to difficult end-of-life planning and palliative care discussions
  • RESOURCES – Your help allows us to publish information to share with family members and service providers to help them understand MND. This is especially important since many people who have not been affected by MND have little knowledge of the disease and limited understanding of how to care for those living with MND
  • SUPPORT GROUPS – Our advisors and volunteers facilitate support groups for people who have been affected by MND across the State
  • EQUIPMENT – People with MND require equipment to help make them more comfortable as their symptoms progress. MND Queensland offers a very low-cost equipment rental program for people with MND upon referral by an allied health professional. This equipment ranges from wheelchairs and commodes, to state-of-the-art eye-gaze communication devices and there is often high-demand for our equipment service
  • ADVOCACY – Along with our parent body MND Australia and our state counterparts, MND Queensland advocates for health system improvements on behalf of those affected by MND. Our advisors can also advocate on behalf of clients at a more local level
  • RESEARCH – MND Queensland supports the research efforts of the MND Research Institute of Australia (MNDRIA), the research arm of MND Australia – with the aim of finding the cause and a cure for MND
  • HELP US DO MORE – We passionately believe that there is always more that can be done to help people living with MND.  Your donation will help fund new initiatives, such as information sessions on coping with the diagnosis, additional support groups in regional areas, support for the bereaved and so much more.