About Us

Cornflower – symbol of hope for MNDOur Vision
A world free of the impact of MND

Our Mission
Our mission is to help reduce the impact of motor neurone disease on people living with MND, their families and carers. We do this by:
  •  Providing information, education and support;
  •  Raising awareness of MND and its impact; and
  •  Supporting efforts to find the cause and a cure for motor neurone disease.

Our Work
The Motor Neurone Disease Association Queensland (MNDAQ) is committed to supporting and maintaining the quality of life for all people living with MND within Queensland.

To do this we run an Information & Referral Advisory service that provides essential information to families, health professionals and the general public; physical and emotional support to patients and carers, and referral to appropriate medical, health and community services.

Client members have access to a small library pool of equipment to help them to remain comfortable and as independent as possible within their own homes.
Carer support is also vital as the needs and health of the primary care-giver are important. Regular contact with our Advisors and other carers allows people living with MND to share experiences, learn from each other, and offer a great source of information and support.

Regular support meetings for both current and past carers, family members & friends and our The Cornflower newsletter are just some of the ways in which we support the whole family through their journey with MND.

Our Cornflower
The cornflower is the symbol of hope for people living with MND—hope for finding the cause; hope for development of treatments, and for a cure. The cornflower represents positive hope for the future—a future without MND.